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Kalisi LLC is an experienced special situations investment firm and oil and gas royalty and mineral rights purchaser. We invest and purchase oil royalties, gas royalties, and mineral rights across the United States. We close sales quickly with no cost to the individual, trust or estate selling oil royalties. 

Kalisi has been offering competitive purchase prices for oil and gas properties and is managed by professionals with over 30 years of experience. Call us today if you are interested in selling oil and gas royalties. Contact us to learn more about getting a mineral rights appraisal or call us for a free consultation regarding title transfer, estates with oil and gas royalties, or other general issues common to mineral rights and royalty owners.  Read more below...

Our Services

We are a leading online oil and gas marketplace:

  • Kalisi employs an Internet platform enabling a nationwide marketplace

  • Kalisi has more than 15 years of experience conducting efficient online oil and gas auctions

  • Kalisi offers a range of services beyond the auction, including sealed bid, negotiated sales, state lease sales, farmout placement and private placements

  • Our professionals are some of the most creative transaction structurers in the industry.  Please call us when others have failed to follow through or close.


Customer Service:

The co-founders of Kalisi.com each have over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas business. They have been active in acquisition and divestiture, exploration and production, producing well operations, drilling, geologic engineering, and land. Let us help you decide the best way to present and divest your properties via Kalisi.com. We are standing by to help.  Our services also include escrow of sales price and recording of conveyancing documents.


We handle all the necessary paperwork and filings to acquire your royalties or mineral interests.  We specialize in buying directly from mineral owners just like you, we are not brokers or resellers.  We buy for the long-term investment.  Therefore we can generally offer our clients a better price than most companies and our time-tested methodology for evaluating your royalties and/or mineral interests ensures that you will receive maximum value for your assets.  That's what makes us unique; a commitment to fair, equitable, and personal service throughout the process.  So, if you are looking to sell all, or a portion, of your mineral rights, royalty interests, overriding royalty interests, or working interests please give us a call today!

Kalisi, LLC specializes in the purchase of producing and non-producing mineral rightsoil royalties and gas royalties, overriding royalties and working interests in oil and natural gas formations throughout the United States. The founding Principals are investment professionals with over 30 years of combined institutional investment experience and have successfully closed over $5 billlion in the special situations, energy, real estate and mineral estate sectors. Our capital partners consist of specialized funds, family offices and institutions, therefore no interest is too large or too small. When you’re looking to sell mineral rights, our team of expert Principals will be there to assist you through the entire process.

If you are looking to sell your mineral rights or oil and gas royalties, Kalisi will spend the necessary time to make sure we have a complete understanding of what you own so that you receive our best possible offer. When you sell your mineral rights, a lump-sum payment is provided at closing, typically in the form of a wire transfer or certified check. Our process for evaluating your mineral rights, oil royalties and gas royalties ensures that you receive a fair market price and our best possible offer.